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San Juan Scents My Fave Sweater Eau de Toilette

$ 56

MFS will transport you into a quintessentially warm, tea+books+fireplace-in-super-chill-weather setting, reminiscent of the cozy of “drawing inward”. The front offers a sweet blast of cardamom, citrus and spice, drying down to gentle vanilla, sandalwood and amber-y sweetness. It’s formulated with a tincture made in the studio from the magic bee bi-product propolis. Bees produce propolis from tree resin, forming a sticky-thick binder which they use to secure and fill the holes in their hives. This particular  propolis is produced in Spain, making “MFS” a most unbelievably delicious, intoxicating and intriguing scent. My propolis tincture is woody, sweet, honey-like, resinous and delightful. I hope you love it!

1.7 oz fine-mist atomizer spray
Lovely acrylic Warsaw Cap
Weighty, square glass bottle with 2″ footprint
Gold-embossed letterpress label on fine paper

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