Golden Gems

Golden Gems Zodiac Motel Keytag

$ 12

These motel keytags are vintage inspired and a daily reminder of how your Sun Sign leads the way towards the best vibes a baddie could ask for. The perfect call-out to each Zodiac Sign's trademark characteristic, with a play on our Gutsy Little Lady phrasing.

  • Fearless Little Aries (Glitter Cranberry)
  • Determined Little Taurus (Glitter Aqua)
  • Charming Little Gemini (Glitter Peach)
  • Caring Little Cancer (Glitter Silver)
  • Fiery Little Leo (Glitter Hot Pink)
  • Perfect Little Virgo (Glitter Acid Lime)
  • Balanced Little Libra (Glitter Ultra Pink)
  • Mysterious Little Scorpio (Glitter Navy Blue)
  • Wild Little Sagittarius (Glitter Ultra Violet)
  • Ambitious Little Capricorn (Glitter Gold)
  • Clever Little Aquarius (Glitter Seafoam)
  • Dreamy Little Pisces (Glitter Plum)


  • Glitter Acrylic Varying on Zodiac Sign
  • White Embossed Phrase
  • One-Sided
  • 3.5" x 1.75"
  • 1" Gold Keyring

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